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Six on the Sixth – February 2015

Hello everyone! I haven’t blogged for a while because… well, that’s a post for another day. But when I saw Adam had linked 6 more words I knew it was time to get back on the literary horse and produce a bit of microfiction.  Continue reading


Six on the Sixth – August 2014

Once a month, Adam serves up a tapas table of teeny-tiny-fiction prompts. The delights for August are:

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Camp NaNoWriNO

You may have noticed the Camp Nano pic on the top right. Yes that’s right, I didn’t meet my target. I only set myself 35000 words because working full time and having other stuff to do meant there was no way I would ever manage 50k, but even this reduced target was too much.

Of course I didn’t do myself any favours by choosing a project for which I only had a title and an opening line and a vague idea of who the main character would be. It was ridiculous to think I could somehow improvise a first draft and find out about Jake as the novel developed, and particularly ridiculous to imagine I could do this to a daily word count.

I managed to just about keep going for the first eleven days, and the 12k words I wrote will make for a good basis of notes for when I re-explore this project in the future. But for now, I am not a Nano Winner, and I also know that it is extremely unlikely that I will take part in the main Nano in November. 50k words in a month just isn’t possible for me, especially during one of the busiest months of the year for my day job and a month when I will be planning and shopping for Christmas.

So I am a Nano failure, and will most likely never be a Nano Winner. But that doesn’t mean I am a writing failure or a bad novelist. I’m not published and I’ve only got one (not good enough) novel to my name, but I know that my work is good enough for me to one day see my name in print. Flunking Nano hasn’t dissuaded me from that.

Six on the Sixth – June 2014

Once a month, Adam serves up a tapas table of teeny-tiny-fiction prompts. The delights for June are:

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Six on the Sixth – May 2014

It’s time for Adam’s monthly micro-micro-fiction challenge!! Six words published as prompts to six-word stories.

The prompt words this month are: Rainbow, Flash, War, Tiny, Insane, Pink. Continue reading

On On Writing and on writing on

I’ve just finished reading “On Writing” by Stephen King – a cliché I know, which is mainly why I hadn’t done it earlier. Plus the fact that I read a couple of his fiction works a few years back and wasn’t impressed enough to want to read any more, but as everyone says it’s the best book written about the craft of writing, I decided to give it a go. Continue reading

Six on the Sixth – April 2014

I like a challenge, and Adam‘s microfiction prompts for 6-word stories are certainly a challenge – but fun too!

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