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The “To Read” pile keeps growing…

In fact it isn’t just a pile anymore. There is a pile of about a dozen of my most pressing “to read”s  next to my bed, but that’s just a tiny glimpse. There are those on my general fiction bookcase which I have never got round to starting (or in some cases finishing), and I also have a separate three-shelf case which is overflowing with unopened volumes. Well, unopened by me anyway, most of them are second hand from charity shops, carboot sales and library clearance sales.

And as if the pile/case wasn’t big/full enough, I went into town this weekend on a mission. I haven’t yet read Catch 22 or One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, despite meaning to for years. I found Heller’s classic in the Oxfam bookshop for £2.99 and Kesey’s gem in the library for free.

This hasn’t helped the backlog at all, but it will be two major ticks on the Booket List.