Friday Fictioneers – 26th September 2014

Friday rolls around again, and with it Friday Fictioneers. Writers around the world receive a prompt pic from Rochelle:


I’ve stolen a scene from my current WIP (which isn’t having much P in the W happening to it as my laptop is broken) for this week, I hope you don’t mind. In its original draft it runs to 400+ words so I have had to edit a bit, but hopefully it still works. Cal and Danielle are on a first date. Cue the 100 words…




‘Would you like to taste the wine, sir?’ the waiter asked.

‘No that’s fine,’ Cal said.

‘Actually I would,’ Danielle announced, ‘if that’s okay.’

An inch was poured. She lifted the glass by the stem, watched the Merlot as she swirled it around the bowl.

She brought the glass to her nose, inhaled deeply, then took a delicate, thoughtful sip. ‘That’s fine,’ she nodded.

The waiter poured two glasses and withdrew.


‘You know your wine then?’ Cal asked.

‘Haven’t got a clue.’

‘So you were just being awkward.’

‘I’d say I was being… pixie-ish.’

Cal smiled. She was a keeper.





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