Six on the Sixth – August 2014

Once a month, Adam serves up a tapas table of teeny-tiny-fiction prompts. The delights for August are:

Sink, Chair, Automobile, Anger, Duck, Black

Different writers use the prompt words in different ways. Some create poems, some write 6 themed stories, others choose one prompt for multiple takes etc etc – but I prefer to write 6 seperate six-worders, one for each prompt. This month I’ve gone for stand alone stories:



Brushing teeth together is marital bliss.



She changed the jobtitle from Chairman.



First car finally expires. Tears shed.



Count to ten, suppress the rage.



Didn’t remain seated on the rollercoaster…



Infinite desert sky, countless stars shine.



Click on Capn Frogster to join in or to read other writers’ micro-micro-fiction:



8 responses to “Six on the Sixth – August 2014

  • Adam Ickes

    Nice work, Ade! I especially like the first one. It’s the little things that make for a great marriage.

  • julespaige

    Thanks for stopping by…

    Yes I know about hanging on to old autos. We’ve only ever had one new till it’s ‘retirement’. – usually we buy used – my latest is about twenty years old. Still has roll up windows!

    • Ade Branwell

      Twenty years is quite an age! But I bet you give each one a loving home

      • julespaige

        It’s not an antique or anything – it’s just a family car.
        Hubby’s is a tad old too. But at least he has some things that are automatic..(mirror adjustments, windows, a decent radio….more than just the transmission.

        A good many cars in the US are not stick shift. Though I know quite a few folks happy with that type of driving.

        As the saying goes; “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Our cars might not be gas/electric combos with electronics up the hill and back, but they get us where we want to go. For me it’s mostly errands around town. 🙂

  • RoSy

    Although – I bought it used & with just over 64k – my first car was left back home when I got married. My dad drove it to well over 200k. The apt we moved to only allowed for one parking space & hubby had the newer “more dependable” car.

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