Camp NaNoWriNO

You may have noticed the Camp Nano pic on the top right. Yes that’s right, I didn’t meet my target. I only set myself 35000 words because working full time and having other stuff to do meant there was no way I would ever manage 50k, but even this reduced target was too much.

Of course I didn’t do myself any favours by choosing a project for which I only had a title and an opening line and a vague idea of who the main character would be. It was ridiculous to think I could somehow improvise a first draft and find out about Jake as the novel developed, and particularly ridiculous to imagine I could do this to a daily word count.

I managed to just about keep going for the first eleven days, and the 12k words I wrote will make for a good basis of notes for when I re-explore this project in the future. But for now, I am not a Nano Winner, and I also know that it is extremely unlikely that I will take part in the main Nano in November. 50k words in a month just isn’t possible for me, especially during one of the busiest months of the year for my day job and a month when I will be planning and shopping for Christmas.

So I am a Nano failure, and will most likely never be a Nano Winner. But that doesn’t mean I am a writing failure or a bad novelist. I’m not published and I’ve only got one (not good enough) novel to my name, but I know that my work is good enough for me to one day see my name in print. Flunking Nano hasn’t dissuaded me from that.


2 responses to “Camp NaNoWriNO

  • ahtdoucette

    The important thing is that you did it and stuck with it. Honestly, that quick way of writing isn’t for everyone and doesn’t necessarily mean quality work. Keep at it and you’re a winner in my book. 🙂

    • Ade Branwell

      Well i stuck with it for 11 days lol.
      You’re right that it doesn’t really make for quality work – I know I had my eye on the wordcount and target too often and sometimes I wrote bits that I know weren’t good enough but I carried on because there wasn’t time to improve it.
      One day i will go back and write that project for real.

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