Friday Fictioneers 25th April 2014

I think we should rename Friday as “Rochelleday” in honour of her role as Queen of Friday Fiction. Who’s with me? The only down side is we would lose the alliteration if we had to change the weekly flash fiction challenge to “Rochelleday Fictioneers” but I think we could live with that. Anyway, here is the prompt pic Rochelle sent us this week:


And since you’ve read this far, why not stick around for another 100 words:


“Lucille, it’s an honour, ma’am. I’ve been an admirer for a very long time. I expected you would be here for this exhibition but never imagined I’d find myself beside you.”

“You’re so kind. I appeared on stage with Him over many years. There were others before Him, but He was the one who helped me discover my true soul, the qualities in my voice.”


Ladies and gentlemen, we reach the highlight of the exhibition, his extensive collection of guitars. His best live concerts were performed with the acoustic you see at the centre of this display. His favourite. Lucille.



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