Six on the Sixth – April 2014

I like a challenge, and Adam‘s microfiction prompts for 6-word stories are certainly a challenge – but fun too!

The prompt words this month are: Weather, Fire, Pain, Pleasure, Ink, Purple.

And I’ve written one story for each word:



Started snowing but I’ll drive on…



Exhale, relax, squeeze trigger. Make history.



I ended his suffering. Mine began.



That final lottery number matches too!



His tattoo fades, the memories can’t.



Did YOU give baby that pen?




And as a bonus I also wrote a series using the same prompts:



Honey, I’ve printed our boarding passes!



(When we land, I’m gonna propose)



Fasten your seatbelts, we’re experiencing turbulence



Stewardess, should the engine be smoking?



Legs, arms, hideously bruised and twisted.



I leave her body. Try standing.




8 responses to “Six on the Sixth – April 2014

  • Maryann Holloway

    Baby with pen is my favorite. We were so careful with writing implements in the common rooms but failed to realize that the wooden color pegs of het hammer through peg toy left marks as colorful ad crayons 🙂

  • Adam Ickes

    I really liked “Stewardess, should the engine be smoking?” It gave me a morbid kind of chuckle. And “Exhale, relax, squeeze trigger. Make history.” makes me wonder what kind of history is going to be made. An assassination perhaps?

    • Ade Branwell

      Thanks Adam. yes i did mean that line with a spoonful of black humour 🙂
      I had assassination in mind for Fire, but it could be anything from a starting pistol to an execution toa warning shot over a crowd that preludes tragedy and bloodshed. Thats the beauty of so few words, it leaves a lot of blanks for the reader to colour in.

  • Lisa Yow-Williams

    You have some great little stories here. I can’t choose a favorite. I like how you started the bonus stories with so much happiness and promise and then ended them with a sad twist. Like Adam, I kind of snickered at, “Stewardess, should the engine be smoking?” So wrong of me! I felt guilty in the end.

    • Ade Branwell

      Thanks for reading Lisa and for commenting. I enjoyed writing these, especially the bonus – writing the shorts that link into one longer.. erm.. short(!) was a challenge but fun

  • draliman

    Cool, two for the price of one! The first “Pain” was my favourite, but I also really enjoyed your plane crash story – I was smiling all the way to “Purple”.

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