Friday Fictioneers 4th April 2014

The week has rolled round to Friday once more, and that means it’s time for Friday Fictioneers! Thanks to Rochelle for sending this week’ s pic:


which triggered these 100 words:


“We broadcast live in two minutes,” Tobias announced, dragging on his cigarette in its ivory holder, “so everyone breathe and focus yourselves into character.”

“Tobias,” Neil ventured, “I’m still not sure about this orange set.”

“Relax darling,” Tobias said, “in black and white it will look fabulous. And I’ve spoken to Lighting about the shadows and the flag, everything will be moody yet powerful.”

Tobias checked his watch and stepped offstage. “Eyes and teeth everyone!” he called, “Don’t bump into the furniture! Remember your lines! Neil, don’t fluff like you did in rehearsal. It’s ‘One small step for A man’.”




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