Friday Fictioneers 28th March 2014

Friday taps at the door again, but rather than wait to be invited in, it barges the door open, walks straight through to the lounge and starts helping itself from the drinks cupboard. But I don’t mind, because Friday means that it’s time to share the fiction inspired by Rochelle‘s prompt pic:


And lo, it came to pass that word did beget word, and ere much time passed, a story was created. And the writer looked on the story, and he decided it was you know, not bad actually. Have a read if you like:


Some say there are ghosts in these woods, or an escaped murderer, or a crazy on the loose.
I’ve heard all the tales told around nocturnal campfires, occasionally interrupted by those who point and scream, claiming to have seen something in the gloom between the trees. The braver ones have been known to go in search, torches and shouts barely penetrating the darkness. And they always return, their curiosity unfulfilled.

I’ve spent twenty years with the leaves as my roof, but I’ve never seen any ghosts or murderers or crazies. Just the storytellers as I watch them through the night.



And as you’ve read this far, you might as well leave a comment. Go  on, you know you want to…


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