Friday Fictioneers 28th February 2014

Rochelle, Queen of FriFic, has heads scratching and keyboards tapping all across the world once a week when she sends us all a prompt pic. This is today’s:hay-bales-sandra-c

followed by my 100 words:


Jed turned the key and the tractor’s huge, throbbing engine shuddered to a halt. He sat nervously, apprehensively silent. Booted feet thudded up the three steps to the cab, and Jed opened the window. The smart man peered in and read from the notes on his clipboard.

“Your manoeuvring was excellent,” he said, “your ploughing was the best I’ve seen in a while.” Inwardly, Jed beamed.

“But,” the man continued. “you didn’t spill enough manure in the village roads, you let too many cars overtake and at one point you drove above five miles per hour. Retest in six months.”



BONUS: I’ve managed an extra Frific this week – click HERE to read it!


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