Friday Fictioneers 28th February 2014 **EXTRA**

Rochelle‘s prompt set my mind racing this week. Or maybe it was the large gin I was enjoying as I wrote. Either way, I have an extra dollop of FriFic this week. Inspired by this pic:


I wrote another 100 words. You can read them if you like:


The chugging, rattling engine was an unfamiliar sound and I peered round the curtain. Tom, our new neighbour, was on his drive, shouting encouraging instructions to a tractor driver who leant from his cab as he reversed between the herbaceous borders.

That afternoon, as Tom trundled the thousandth barrowload of earth from the parked trailer to his back garden, I asked him why.

“I grew champion leeks every year in me old ‘ouse, so I’ve brought the soil to me new ‘ouse.”

I laughed and left him to it.

But come January, it was Tom’s leeks that won first prize.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: Okay, the pic was a trailer of hay and not soil, but my head went off on a tangent. I could have rewritten it to include hay and with Tom growing strawberries, but leeks suited his character better and are somehow funnier.

You can find a link to the FriFic I posted earlier today under “Recent Posts” on the right of the screen…


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