Friday Fictioneers 21st February 2014

It’s a simple idea but a brilliant one. Each week, Rochelle posts a prompt pic and we each write 100 words of fiction. I know the word count is a guide, but I do make it part of my personal challenge to write to exactly the hundred! This week’s picture is full of possibilities:


and this is the idea I went with:


Steven took the bellcord in his perspiring hand. He sensed its history. And its silence.

The bell had always been rung nightly, summoning the soldiers for dinner, until they were mobilised to join the Great War. That fateful night the Major himself sounded the bell and – to eager, patriotic cheers – declared he would sound it again when every man in his company was home safe.

Eighty-five years on, Corporal Macintosh was the last to be reunited with his brothers. Steven pulled the bellcord and, as his grandfather’s ashes were scattered across the barracks lawn, the bell tolled again.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: I know the First World War began in 1914 and therefore today isn’t 85 years later. Corporal Macintosh would not have lived until today and the story is therefore set in 1999.


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