Friday Fictioneers 24th January 2014

I check my calendar and see that Friday has arrived, and that can mean only one thing – Friday Fictioneers! Rochelle has supplied us with yet another wonderful pic this week:bjc3b6rn-19which led my head to these 100 words:


He had been building his dream home for months, his mountain hideaway where he could escape from the world. And he had been building the walls around himself for many years before. Not answering letters, not returning calls, keeping only his denial for company, convincing himself he needed noone. And when he discovered that spot, high in the hills, he made plans and projects with delight.

The final stone laid, the last tile in place, the work finished, he sat now by his window. He breathed slowly, quietly, viewed the panoramic expanse of nature. He saw noone. He was alone.




Over to you...

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