Friday Fictioneers 17th January 2014

Rochelle‘s prompt this week is an intriguing, evocative image:copyright-erin-leary

It brought a famous work of fiction to mind (which I admit I have never read) and I wondered about the story behind the story…


I stood alone at the estate’s border fence. The unseasonably warm winter day was giving way to a more typical chilled evening, drawing the mist from the brook, partly obscuring the retiring sun.

Back at the house, my host’s daughter was playing with her dog, her delighted shrieks merging with excited barks and snarls. These sounds echoed towards me, became ensnared in the fog, inseparable. My imagination heard murder, hellhounds, spectres…

Footsteps approached from behind me.

“Doyle,” my host called, “what are you doing out here alone?”

“Oh, just thinking,” I replied, “I think I have another case for Holmes.”



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