Okay Ade, back to work

I have been very lazy with my writing lately. I have been taking part in Friday Fictioneers of course (a writing task made doubly challenging by the fact I write for this blog and also for my other anonymous blog) but project-wise nothing is happening. When I finished the redraft of my novel “Four Days” a couple of months back I said I would park it until after Christmas before rereading with hopefully fresh eyes. And although I started on a new WIP, I always had an eye on the fact I would be going back to Four Days soon and didn’t give it the full emotional attention it needed. It’s a good plot, I’ve got lots of it worked out, but now isn’t the time.

So Christmas Day itself has now been and gone, and it’s time to take a deep breath and see if the pride I have in Four Days is justified. I know I will find elements that need tightening or changing, and I think I am ready for that. The timeline will be one thing as currently it takes place over five days and this had to be changed to fit the title. Apart from that, I will find things I don’t like, passages and even chapters that were the best they could be last time round, but which now don’t work and this will make me doubt myself as a writer. I need to overcome that doubt, see it as a chance to be better, and work until it is the best it can be again, only more so.

Then I can start querying and the next phase of Operation Publish can begin


Over to you...

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