Friday Fictioneers 13th December 2013

9am Wednesday morning is  the highlight of my literary week. That’s the time that Rochelle‘s prompt email appears in my Inbox and I can start thinking about what my subject will be. This week week’s prompt pic arrived as normal:adamickes-childsboots

And, eventually, so did 1oo words:


“Why?” Tim’s mother asked. Why had he pushed Christopher over? Pulled his shoes from his flailing feet? Thrown those shoes on top of a wall so high that none of them could even see the shoes, much less reach them? Laughed with the others as Christopher walked home in socked, soaked feet?

Tim shrugged, looked at the floor.

How would he like to be bullied like that?

If he hadn’t taken Christopher’s shoes, the others had told him, it would be his shoes on the wall. Do it to him, or we’ll do it to you.

Tim sniffed, and cried.




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